Rustiikkinen käsintehty seinälaatta. 22,5 × 7,5 × 0,7 cm. Upeat värit, elävä pinta, sopii esimerkiksi kalanruotoladontaan. Huom. hinta on per laatikko, missä on 1,32 m2 eli 78 laattaa. Minimitilaus on siis 1,32 m2. Rahtihinta lasketaan päälle. Kysy rahtitarjous,

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Tropico is a wall tile measuring 22.5 × 7.5 cm and 0.7 cm thick from one of our creative factories in Spain. This is a Spanish ceramic tile with a rustic look and a surface with a playful relief. This tile is available in various vibrant colours.

Good to know
Our Spanish ceramic tiles are glazed by hand after which they are baked in a large tile oven. The production process is still done the authentic way. This can often be seen in the finishing of the tiles. The top layer is wearproof and can therefore be used for various purposes. These Spanish tiles are only suitable as wall tiles.

These wall tiles have a unique appearance due to their glossy finish and geometric relief. They are hand-pressed using 3D moulds. This gives them an authentic look that brings a lot of character to your interior!


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