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Jos laattasaippua ei irroita tahraa laatasta, voit kokeilla tujumpaa laatan puhdistusainetta/tile degreaseriä. Jos tahra on syöpynyt laattaan, kannattaa irroittaa kaikki käsittelykerrokset Lose Fixillä ensin. .Jos tuotetta on varastossa Tampereella, se tulee noutaa Tampereelta . Yksittäisen kanisterin kuljetusmahdollisuutta Suomen sisällä ei enää ole. Muutoin ainetta voi tilata laattojen mukana tukkurilta Hollannista. Rahtihinta lasketaan vielä päälle. . Kysy lisää eri vaihtoehdoista.

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Product description

Tile Degreaser
Degreaser is a strong cleaner/stripper for heavily soiled cement tiles, ceramic and natural stone floors. Degreaser removes old, tough dirt and stains quickly and thoroughly. Also for water-resistant floors and old natural stone floors.

Tile Degreaser is used when you can no longer get your floor clean with standard cleaning products. Dirt that has settled on or in tiles over the years is very easy to remove with Degreaser. This product can be used on almost all types of tiles as well as (residential) concrete, cast floors and industrial floors such as in hotels, restaurants, factories and offices.

Good to know
For Cement Tiles and natural stone floors: After application, do not leave for more than 30 seconds and start scrubbing immediately. This product contains aggressive ingredients that can damage the natural lime layer and cause discoloration. So it is better to repeat this process several times to avoid discoloration.
In Cement Tile floors, dirt may have settled in or under the impregnation layer. If Degreaser has no effect then the impregnation layer should first be removed with Losefix. Only then Degreaser can reach the stain and remove it. Multiple repetitions may be necessary to remove a stain properly. After removing the impregnation layer and the stain, the floor needs to be re-impregnated.

How do I use Degreaser?
Is your floor slightly to moderately dirty? If so, dilute the Degreaser 1:15. Are the tiles heavily soiled with soap, wax or stubborn dirt? If so, dilute the Degreaser 1:7. Spread it generously but evenly over the floor with a mop or scrubber. Let it soak in for a few minutes so the product can do its job but don’t let it dry! Then scrub the dirt from/out of the tiles with a brush and remove with a cloth or wet vacuum. Rinse it carefully with clean tap water and let it dry. Repeat if necessary.

Suitable for
Degreaser is a revolutionary cleaning product and can be used for many applications and is also suitable for cleaning outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor kitchens, car parts, bicycles and all kinds of cleaning around the house and business!

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